Alexandra Garrido

Alexandra Garrido

Dancer, Performer

With an interest in relationships, communication, and the unique abilities of the human form to express complex experiences, Alexandra Garrido is an award-winning performer and contemporary artist.

She is a member of the internationally renowned band The Mariachi Ghost and has independently worked with many reputable Canadian artists.

A founding member of Nova Dance Collective, Alexandra is inspired by the powerful and creative group of women who have been her performance collaborators for the last 10 years.

She holds an Bachelors Degree in Theatre and Dance from the University of Winnipeg, and is an alumnus of the School of Contemporary Dancers.

Alexandra’s experience includes working with NAfro Dance Productions and Casimiro Nhussi, Paula Blair, Zorya Arrow, Janelle Hacault, Rebecca Sawdon, Alexandra Elliot, Riley Sims (Toronto), Vincent Mantsoe (France), Bakari I, Lindsay (Coba, Toronto), and Zab Maboungou (Nyata Nyata, Montreal).