Carolina Araneda

Carolina Araneda

Visual Artist


Carolina Araneda is a visual artist who works primarily in photography. She is not a formally trained artist. Born in Chile, she arrived in Canada as a refugee in 1974.


Seeking beautiful.

“Today or tomorrow sickness and death will come (they had come already) to those I love or to me; nothing will remain but stench and worms. Sooner or later my affairs, whatever they may be, will be forgotten, and I shall not exist. Then why go on making any effort? . . . How can we fail to see this? And how to go on living? That is what is surprising! One can only live while one is intoxicated with life; as soon as one is sober it is impossible not to see that it is all a mere fraud! That is precisely what it is: there is nothing either amusing or witty about it, it is simply cruel.” – Leo Tolstoy

Beauty (and love) are antidotes to that brutal reality and the reason for my photography.