Monica Martinez

Monica Martinez

Visual Artist


As a South American who grew up in the Canadian Prairies, I use my current practice to facilitate discussion about the historical foundations that we rely on to define who we are and where we belong. I also travel whenever possible as I find it is essential to my practice  to expose myself to new landscapes, energies and approaches to materiality. I connect to the places I find myself in by scavenging in my surroundings, finding objects and materials, which are then integrated into new works.


I am a process based object maker whose works are primarily experimental hand-built clay sculpture, photography and ceramic based performances. As my art practice evolves it has become more process based the act of making itself has become more interesting to me than the final piece. As a result, once created and shown, my sculptures are often then broken apart and reassembled or destroyed completely to fuel new art work.

My work is influenced by my avid interest in history and my research into different elements of the world’s historical, social, political or biological events. I am fascinated by how long ago occurrences have created and continue to manipulate the power structures that rule our world today. Through my practice I try to connect myself to history; both my own and that of the world we inhabit.