The Parallel Worlds of Queercornu(c/t)opia

Praba Pilar will share Queercornu(c/t)opia, a new series of performances, digital works, and social practice works sited in California, Mexico, and Peru and presented all over Abya Yala (the Americas). These interrelated works embrace temporary states of utopia and wonder; of dystopias and alienation; of refusals, emergences, and possibilities. Based on collective generosity and conviviality, the work is an invitation to radically reconfigure how technologies are developed and used, whether emerging, ubiquitous, ancestral, futuristic, and/or planetary.

Hybrid in-person + zoom event

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Praba Pilar is a queer diasporic Colombian artist creating performance art, social practice, digital/electronic installations, experimental public talks, and workshops in museums, universities, festivals, galleries, and streets around the world. Pilar has a decades long practice critical of extraction-based approaches to technology.

In search of better electric dreams, she is sharing approaches rooted in hemispheric resistance and resurgence by engaging the public through reflection, generosity, and criticality. Her most recent project, The Techno-Tamaladas, has been awarded MACLA’s Cultura Power Fellowship, Headlands Center for the Arts’ Community Rapid Response Fund Award, and the California Arts Council’s Local Impact Award. Pilar has a PhD in Performance Studies from UC Davis, is presently teaching in Critical Studies at California College of the Arts, and can be visited online at